Saturday, September 10, 2011


Pop your soap out of the mold.  Cut to whatever size you like. I would clean up the edges at this point but then I realized you don't need to.  When you melt the plastic wrap is smooths out the edges naturally.

I use whatever plastic wrap I can find at a good price.  Maybe not the super cheap stuff?  Lay out a square piece.  I like to have a pot holder under it to keep it steady and absorb the heat from the heat gun.

Center your soap.

Wrap it up like a package.

Fold over the ends.

Looks messy but it will shrink up with the heat gun.

I cut off the ends of the plastic so they aren't overlapping. 

It's okay if the plastic is overlapping.  Just looks better to have less plastic. For the next step I use my paper scrapping heat embossing gun.  Use whatever you want but don't use a blow dryer.  They don't get hot enough.

Do these steps in order.  #1 hit the bottom with the heat gun pat down then hit it again and pat down, keep doing this until it's melted to your satisfaction.  CAREFUL IT'S HOT!  #2 Flip it over and hit the sides.  #3 Then BARLEY hit the top. It gets pretty tight so by the time you get to the top there is some tension.
This may take practice.  It took me awhile to get the hang of it.  The distance of the heat gun, thickness of the plastic and all that.  If you can practice on a scrap piece of soap it gets REALLY easy! 

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  1. Well I have never made soap, but that's a good trick...perhaps you can use it for other stuff as well.
    Greetings from cold Scotland